One of the most popular services we offer is Alloy Wheel Refurbishment, below are the processes that are involved.


This is how most of the alloy wheels we refurbish come to us, they have cracking in the paint or flaking and also have surface rust and slight curbings around the edges or across the spokes. All wheels must come to us as wheels only as we do not remove, refit the tyres or balance wheels we simply carry out the refurbishment work. If wheels have excessive curbing it isn’t always possible to refurbish them or bent wheels, these must be replaced.

A rusted alloy wheel


The wheels are firstly blast cleaned with grit to remove previous layers of paint, lacquer and in some cases surface rust. After blasting the wheels will have an abrasive surface for the paint to adhere to in preparation to coating, After this the wheels are heat treated and left to air to remove any air from the alloy before receiving a zinc rich primer coat. The primer coat is then applied, after this they are powder coated in a colour of your choice and cured in an oven.

Shot blasted wheel hanging on hooks


After the wheels have been cured they are then taken from the line and inspected to make sure it meets our quality standards, once they have been passed off and checked they are then ready to be packed up, they are usually wrapped in bubble wrap to stop them from being damage during transport and depending on your preferences we can palletize them or leave them loose, we can also deliver them to you at a cost or you can collect them from us anytime in the week during normal working hours.

Alloy wheel fitted to car