What is Shot Blasting?

Blast cleaning also known as shot blasting is a process which involves cleaning metal or stripping metal by directing a high-speed stream of steel particles at the surface to strip away the rust of other surfaces such as previous layers or paints or lacquer.

What do you Shot Blast?

We blast clean all metals prior to any painting to remove previous layers of paint, lacquers, surface rust and to give the substrate a smooth surface for the primer or paint to adhere to.

Our Equipment

Our state of the art AirBlast shot blast recovery room can handle large items of up to 12M x 4M x 3M which consists of a full recycling floor system with dust extraction to ensure the highest grade of cleaning is achieved.

Blasting Standards

We currently use an HG50 chilled iron grit which gives a medium angular profile of 55-75 microns and removes oxides, rust and scale from
carbon steel and castings.
SA3        SSPC5      NACE 1     white metal
SA2.5     SSPC10    NACE 2     Near white metal/very thorough blast clean
SA2         SSPC6     NACE 3     thorough commercial blast
SA1         SSPC 7    NACE 4     sweep off/brush-off blast
Please note, the above cleaning grades can be further subdivided dependent on initial rust grade..grade A to D…as this will have an effect on the final surface colouration.
Sweep blasting.
We currently use SC calcium silicate to give a fine surface profile of approximately   25 – 40 microns to remove oxides and provide a suitable “key” to cast alloys, hot dip galvanising and stainless steels.
Two people shot blast cleaning some items in a blasting booth
Some gas tanks inside a factory that have been shot blasted

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