As one of the larger Trade Coating operations in the Yorkshire area we strive to lead the field in the control of our operations and responsibilities to the environment, use of energy and generation and recycling of waste. We work in partnership with the Green Business network in Sowerby Bridge who have helped us reduce the level of waste we generate and also recycle a higher proportion of the waste that our processes do produce.

  1. Up to a tonne, a month of broken pallets is sent to a specialist recyclers who convert to bark fill and chippings for use as mulch.
  2. Installation through grant assistance of a solvent recycling plant for waste spray gun cleaning solvent and paints. Our generation of waste that had to be stored on site and removed by a specialist contractor has reduced from 3000 liters a year to less than 100 litres. This also alleviated onsite health and safety and insurance issues and reduced road transport of hazardous waste.
  3. Utilising our clean empty powder coating cartons as pallet packing boards, thereby reducing waste and also our packaging bills. Approximately two-thirds of our annual 1600 cartons are used in this way.
  4. Installation of an “Energair” computerised control system for our 4 air compressors. This system instantly switches compressors on and off load depending upon demand, with a small compressor maintaining the pressure during break times and larger ones switching in when load increases during shot blasting.
  5. We have worked closely with our customers and paint and chemical suppliers to supplement more environmentally friendly processes, whether it be in terms of lower energy use, lower solvent emissions or retraining of our operators in the use of new equipment.
Small green plants in soil looking upwards to the sky
A few recycling bins inside a factory