Quality Assurance
As part of our ongoing commitment to quality assurance Specialised Coatings have built up a suite of inspection and testing equipment, for surface cleanliness, powder coating tests and wet paint system tests.
Many of our suppliers carry out regular audits of our processes to ensure readings correlate with the relevant standards. Coated sample plates and tubes are sent away for salt spray and humidity testing at regular intervals.
We also have our own small onsite “real time” test area next to our jet wash area.
We have NACE level 3 qualified inspectors on site thoroughly passing off all of our wet spray work from simple domestic items to rigorous 3 coat offshore paint systems.
Our Inspection Equipment
· Datapaq oven temperature profile monitor.
· MEK and MIBK solvent for paint/powder film cure tests.
· Elcometer cross hatch cutter model 107
· Elcometer Bresle patch surface salt contamination test kit model 138
· Elcometer pull-off adhesion tester model 506
· Elcometer dry film thickness gauge model 456….3 off
· Elcometer wet film thickness combs.
· Elcometer dust assessment chart model 142
· Sealey infrared digital thermometer 0-500 deg c.
· Elcometer digital dew meter and hygrometer model 319/2
· Elcometer surface roughness comparator plate (grit) model e125/1
· Elcometer digital surface profile gauge model 224
· Elcometer testex surface profile replica tape model e122 x-coarse.
· Elcometer thickness measuring gauge (knuckle gauge) model e124-3m
· Illuminated magnifiers.
Some small steel plates with small aluminium knobs for pull off testing
A frame hung upon a wall which holds lots of small steel objects which have been left to rust
A close up shot of some mild steel which is rusting and outside

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