What is Wet Spraying?

Wet spraying is a process in which liquid paint is mixed and fed through an air gun using compressed air to atomize and direct the paint particles onto the object.

How durable is Wet Spraying?

Wet spraying can be extremely durable depending upon your requirements and application, in some cases using NORSOK offshore specification it can last up to 15-25 years using our 3 coat system, domestic applications depending on specification last around 5 years or more.

Our Equipment

With the variety of markets we serve and components we coat, using wet spray systems means that we can offer our expertise to the offshore, subsea, power generation and water industries. See our Coating Types page to view the ranges of coating systems we offer and also see our approvals page for more information about our competency on using wet spray systems. Our wet spray division has 2 main work areas, one workshop with an area of 10,000 SQ/FT with 2T and 5T crainage. included in this area are 2 12M x 4M dry filter booths with crane access and a 4m dry filter booth, fully heated with air stratification. These are used for wet spraying general fabrication items and hydraulic components, tanks/cylinders, pipe work and many other items. Our second workshop occupies 6000 SQ/FT of our facility with 10T and 2T crainage with an 8M dry filter booth which is used for larger items, which require a higher lift height. We also have use of our 120-meter long conveyorised  powder coating plant which also has a wet paint facility to coat batches of smaller products in a single or multi-coated paint system which can be loaded onto demountable flight bars, for ease of handling/drying off the line. Our boxes oven area with heavy duty E8 conveyors includes a water wash spray booth and can also be used for forced drying which usually houses items at a size of 7M x 2.2M. We also own a large range of application equipment which includes airless pumps from 28:1 to 70:1 ratio, air assisted airless, conventional gravity fed equipment and much more. We have solvent recycling facilities to ensure we comply with current solvent emissions regulations and reduce our carbon footprint although most of the coatings we apply are high solids ‘compliant’ coatings.

What do we Wet Spray?

We can wet spray a variety of materials including carbon and mild steels, cast alloys, stainless steel, aluminum and copper.

What colours are available?

We stock over 150 colours in wet paint to make, this number being less due to the wet paints shelf life compared to powder.

A man in overalls spraying some metal sheets green
Man in overalls spraying a door in green
A man using a spray gun to paint some items hung on hooks

Want to know more about the Wet Spraying services we offer?

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