Blast cleaning also known as shot blasting is a process which involves cleaning metal or stripping metal by directing a high-speed stream of steel particles at the surface to strip away the rust of other surfaces such as previous layers or paints or lacquer.

Two people shot blast cleaning some items in a blasting booth


Powder coating is a process of applying a compound of dry powdered paint which consists of resins, fillers, and pigments that are sprayed through a low-velocity spray gun that also charges the particles using electrostatic spray deposition (ESD) the particles are then attracted to the metal substrate when applied…

A man powder coating some box section steel stands blue


Wet spraying is a process in which liquid paint is mixed and fed through an air gun using compressed air to atomize and direct the paint particles onto the object. Wet spraying can be extremely durable depending upon your requirements and application, in some cases using NORSOK offshore..

A man in overalls spraying some metal sheets green


As part of our ongoing commitment to quality assurance Specialised Coatings have built up a suite of inspection and testing equipment, for surface cleanliness, powder coating tests and wet paint system tests…

Someone using a paint depth gauge on a steel plate which is red


Packaging is probably one of the most overlooked aspects of our powder coating and painting process. The items are brought in and shot blasted and then powder coated or wet sprayed (depending upon application…

The base of a roundabout powder coated and wrapped in bubble wrap


Here at Specialised Coatings, we have our own transport and handling so your products can be collected from our works free of charge or (depending on the order size) we can deliver the products to an address…

A man loading a red planter onto a pickup truck

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